Corrugated: a new revolution for the meat supply chain?

It turns out that corrugated board is actually the number one packaging for meat, just as it is for fruit and vegetables.

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Tray formers on their way to the Fachpack

Well, the time has come to wave our Q-1800 tray former and EF-1000 case erector goodbye! The machines are on their way to the Fachpack in Nuremberg.

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Case packer, a new Bo(i)x forming machine

We believe it’s the right time to present you our latest and newest EF-1000 Boix case packer!

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Tray former or case packer? Or both?

Good news, not only do we have tray formers and lid machines. From now on our collection has been expanded with the new case packer for folding and gluing AGL boxes! We will present you this new case packer on the Fachpack 2016, next to the Boix Q-1800 tray forming machine from the Boix Q-range.

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Is there a way to clean a tray former?

Due to the long service life of our tray forming machines, Boix also frequently sells used machines. These tray formers are usually bought back from customers which have decided to buy a newer tray forming machine or a tray former with more possibilities and higher speeds.

26 aug 2016 - Dajana | Boix Europe

Tags: tray former, clean

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Dozen opzetten: Zelf doen of laten doen?

Hoe kan nu worden vastgesteld of een opzetmachine op locatie te prefereren is boven een opzetstation? En welke factoren spelen daarbij een rol?

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