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You will find many different cardboard boxes in a supermarket. Every product, tomatoes, cheese or mushrooms seem to have their own packaging preferences. However, how do you choose the right outer carton? Boix Europe monitored for years which boxes fit best with every product group. Moreover, especially for you, Boix used this valuable knowledge to develop the online tool ‘product selector’.



With the 'product selector', it is possible to scroll easily through the Boix database. It is possible to search in different ways. As an example, you can choose the product to be packaged (eg. cheese) that needs as a starting point. However, you can also take a box type. Select an interesting box (eg with reinforced corners), then the tool displays all products packaged in the selected box. Based on your preferences, the tool automatically displays your ideal machine. This saves a lot of time in choosing the right box!.



Posted by Ramona Fredriks | Boix Europe on 2017.02.03 14:12:33

Topics: boxes, packages, tray former

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