Tray former or case packer? Or both?

Good news, not only do we have tray formers and lid machines. From now on our collection has been expanded with the new case packer for folding and gluing AGL boxes! We will present you this new case packer on the Fachpack 2016, next to the Boix Q-1800 tray forming machine from the Boix Q-range.

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Is there a way to clean a tray former?

Due to the long service life of our tray forming machines, Boix also frequently sells used machines. These tray formers are usually bought back from customers which have decided to buy a newer tray forming machine or a tray former with more possibilities and higher speeds.

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First Dutch peppers to China

The first Dutch peppers have been on their way to China, packed in an orange box and with a flyer with product information. This is all about a market test to monitor the reaction of the Chinese to the Dutch product. 

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Can you lift a tray former with a crane?

Last week we have had a special project for one of our customers. Our customer needed their new Boix tray forming machine on the first floor of their building! And therefore we did everything possible to accomplish our customers’ wish.

29 srp 2016 - Dajana | Boix Europe
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Good News! Great Service!

Since our customers are very valuable and important to us, Boix Europe has contracted two more service technicians so we can keep on developing and providing the best service for you!

22 srp 2016 - Dajana | Boix Europe

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Fruit stays fresh for up to three more days in corrugated trays, research shows

Corrugated trays keep fruit fresher and safer than reusable plastic crates (RPCs) and can significantly reduce contamination from pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms, according to scientific research.

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Growing demand for bio-based packaging

Bio-based packages are packages which are based on natural materials and are recyclable or compostable. Since the increasing attention for the environment, through the whole supply chain, the bio-based packaging is getting more and more important.

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