Is there a way to clean a tray former?

Due to the long service life of our tray forming machines, Boix also frequently sells used machines. These tray formers are usually bought back from customers which have decided to buy a newer tray forming machine or a tray former with more possibilities and higher speeds.

Since the used machines are good to be used for many years more, our technicians always meticulously check the tray formers and yes, they also arrange that the machines are getting fully cleaned before they are sold again.


The cleaning process, which is done by a specialized cleaning company, is not the usual water-and-soap way of cleaning but a very environmental friendly and fully dry technique with solid-carbon dioxide (which actually just means dry ice)!

This dry ice blasting process is done with a special so-called ‘Ice Machine’ that makes the ice with a temperature of -90 degrees Celsius. Because it is so cold it cleans the most difficult parts of our machines.

On last weeks’ cleaning process, one of our used MBS tray formers was cleaned from the inside-out.

Here you can see the difference with some of the before and after pictures of this cleaning process:










It is very important for us to deliver checked and cleaned (used) machines to our customers so therefore we are continuously improving our service and support and doing our utter best to keep our customers happy!  

If you have any questions about your (used) tray former or would you like to receive more information about our tray forming machines. Feel free to contact us for any non-binding advice by just pressing the button below! 

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