Corrugated packaging with all round appeal

When it comes to protecting goods such as fresh produce, corrugated packaging leaves the competition standing!

Corrugated board is not just a brown box and is not only keeping fruit and vegetables safe, it also has a great hygiene record. As said in one of our previous blogs, scientific research has proven that, compared with reusable plastic crates, corrugated reduces the risk of microbiological contamination and it is prolonging shelf life by up to three days!

Corrugated board is also a great example of the circular economy. It is the most recycled paper product and it is made from up to 88% recycled materials!

Why Corrugated?

Did you know that corrugated packaging protects products in ways often taken for granted? Because corrugated packaging easily adapts to all shapes and sizes, optimizing handling and distribution and interlocking stacking features it minimizes movement in transit. It can also be customized for easy opening and handling without damaging the product in-store.

Corrugated has great retail appeal too. Today’s advanced printing methods can quickly turn it into attractive shelf-ready packaging making it a highly effective marketing tool.

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Posted by Dajana | Boix Europe on 2016.09.09 16:30:00

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