Kako rastaviti gumicugumba Boix (video)

Kako rastaviti stroj za podizanje kutije Boix preko utovara i istovara? Edwin i Bart iz našeg servisnog odjela pokazuju vam kako postupati u 12 jednostavnih koraka.

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Meet us at Fruit Logistica

 Visit us at Fruit Logistica our sales team is prepared for all your questions! Hall 6.1 Stand A.11

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This is how you choose the perfect Box! HR



You will find many different cardboard boxes in a supermarket. Every product, tomatoes, cheese or mushrooms seem to have their own packaging preferences. However, how do you choose the right outer carton? Boix Europe monitored for years which boxes fit best with every product group. Moreover, especially for you, Boix used this valuable knowledge to develop the online tool ‘product selector’.


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Provide better business opportunities with automatic tray forming

Boix Europe is looking back on a successful meeting with the cardboard packaging manufacturer Rondo Ganahl in Austria.

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Corrugated: a new revolution for the meat supply chain?

It turns out that corrugated board is actually the number one packaging for meat, just as it is for fruit and vegetables.

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Tray formers on their way to Fachpack!

Well, the time has come to wave our Q-1800 tray former and EF-1000 case erector goodbye! The machines are on their way to the Fachpack in Nuremberg.

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Case packer, a new Bo(i)x forming machine

We believe it’s the right time to present you our latest and newest EF-1000 Boix case packer!

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Corrugated packaging with all round appeal

When it comes to protecting goods such as fresh produce, corrugated packaging leaves the competition standing!

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Forming trays: Outsourcing or Doing It Yourself?

To take a final, well informed decision about purchasing trays from third parties or doing it yourself with your own tray forming machine?

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