Whitepaper about forming trays: Outsourcing vs. Doing it yourself?

An increasing amount of food manufacturers is using mechanically formed corrugated or solid board trays to pack and promote their products, like fruit, vegetables, meat and bakery products. Do you cooperate with a tray erecting station, where your trays are being glued, formed and stocked? There are certain advantages when you form boxes or trays yourself. 

From which quantities will it be interesting to form your own trays? And what business benefits can be achieved? With the help of a calculation tool and an actual business case of Bestbread Bakeries we will explain this briefly to you in this free whitepaper.  

Whitepaper Forming trays outsourcing versus doing it yourself

Business case of Bestbread Bakeries
From which amount of trays is it profitable to form trays by yourself? What are the annual savings if we purchase a tray forming machine? What is the payback period of the machine? 

Because of frequently asked questions from our customers, we at Boix decided to make a whitepaper following the business case of Bestbread Bakeries. The whitepaper contains the following chapters:

  • The importance of a good tray
  • Forming trays: Outsourcing or DIY?
  • Business case: Bestbread Bakeries
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Well thought out decisions
  • The calculation tool explained

Curious if it will be interesting to start forming boxes and trays yourself? 
Download our whitepaper now! You will certainly get a lot of inspiration from it. And if you would like to know what this could bring for you, please contact us and we will calculate your specific businesscase to see if it would be interesting to start forming trays yourself. 

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Posted by Ramona Fredriks on 01-Aug-2019 15:38:00

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Forming trays: Outsourcing or Doing It Yourself?

To take a final, well informed decision about purchasing trays from third parties or doing it yourself with your own tray forming machine?

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