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Corrugated packaging amazingly cost effective

Written by Ramona Fredriks | Boix Europe on 30-Jan-2017 22:00:00

Corrugated packaging can easily be used to reduce your packaging costs. Examples are:

  • Making use of standardised box sizes
  • Simplifying labour intensive tasks such as shelf packing by the use of Retailer-ready packaging.
  • Making better use of available transport space. Eliminating extra road miles.
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Meet your silent salesperson

Written by Ramona Fredriks | Boix Europe on 19-Jan-2017 16:30:00


Good corrugated packaging is extremely important to increase the value and distinctiveness of your fresh products. Packaging must protect your fruits and vegetables during transport. But in addition, cardboard has unique properties that increases the attractiveness of your product more than any other packaging.

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Corrugated packaging, amazingly Strong and Stackable

Written by Ramona Fredriks | Boix Europe on 13-Dec-2016 09:45:00

Growers, traders and retailers need to be sure that their fresh produce is travelling under the very best conditions and the Common Footprint Quality (CFQ), a new European-wide standard, helps to ensure this. The CFQ provides strict requirements in terms of strength. An audit system ensures that the promised standards are met and the modular design of the corrugated box enables trays from different producers to be stacked together. It allows for optimal performance even with the most complex logistical requirements.

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Tray former or case packer? Or both?

Written by Dajana | Boix Europe on 01-Sep-2016 16:30:00

Good news, not only do we have tray formers and lid machines. From now on our collection has been expanded with the new case packer for folding and gluing AGL boxes! We will present you this new case packer on the Fachpack 2016, next to the Boix Q-1800 tray forming machine from the Boix Q-range.

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First Dutch peppers to China

Written by Dajana | Boix Europe on 12-Aug-2016 15:40:31

The first Dutch peppers have been on their way to China, packed in an orange box and with a flyer with product information. This is all about a market test to monitor the reaction of the Chinese to the Dutch product. 

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