Used Boix tray forming machines - in stock and immediately available

Need a tray forming machine quickly? In addition to new machines, Boix also regularly offers used tray forming machines. These second-hand packaging machines are usually bought back from customers who have decided to buy a newer tray forming machine or a tray former with other possibilities. Thanks to the solid construction, the high quality parts and 24/7 support of Boix Europe, our used machines are good to be used for many years more after a thorough overhaul.

Our technicians always meticulously check the tray formers and they also arrange that the machines are getting fully cleaned before they are sold again. Did you know that all our used machines come with a six months warranty?

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Environment-friendly and sustainable paper-based punnets

Growers and retailers are increasingly looking to cardboard instead of plastic when it comes to packaging. With changing wishes and requirements for packaging, it is important to be able to realize new packaging solutions quickly and efficiently. Small punnets made of sturdy, (foodsafe) cardboard can form a solution for many different industries for the sustainable packaging, transport and presentation of products.

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Visit us at Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin

From the 6th until the 8th of February 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Business takes place in Berlin, Germany. Also this year Boix will be attending the Fruit Logistica. Boix will be presenting the MCT-1 punnet tray forming machine for automatically and mechanically setting up punnets and small trays from both corrugated and solid board. In addition, Boix seizes the trade fair for the introduction of the latest Boix Q-1500 V3 functions, such as remote access. 


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2-day tray forming machine training for Russian system integrator

In order to be able to take care of the complete packaging process of a customer, a Russian system integrator asked Boix for a suitable packaging solution for tomatoes and cucumbers.

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Whitepaper about forming trays: Outsourcing vs. Doing it yourself?

An increasing amount of food manufacturers is using mechanically formed corrugated or solid board trays to pack and promote their products, like fruit, vegetables, meat and bakery products. Do you cooperate with a tray erecting station, where your trays are being glued, formed and stocked? There are certain advantages when you form boxes or trays yourself. 

From which quantities will it be interesting to form your own trays? And what business benefits can be achieved? With the help of a calculation tool and an actual business case of Bestbread Bakeries we will explain this briefly to you in this free whitepaper.  

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Packaging for fruit and vegetables has a direct impact on buying behaviour (study)

The number of customers buying fruit and vegetables increases between 13% and 16% when they are presented in corrugated board trays rather than on stainless steel shelves or in plastic containers, according to a new study. 

The trade association Carton OndulĂ© de France (Corrugated Board of France) reveals the results. 

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Boix MCT1/V punnet machine in action (Video)

Cardboard punnets and small trays are an ideal sustainable packaging solution for fruit, vegetables, prepacked bread, confectionary, snacks, potato products and meat products. Have a look at our MCT1/V packaging solution in action! 

The MCT1/V punnet machine is an automatic and adjustable 2-headed tray former, which can set up 2 different sizes of trays simultaneously. 

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Boix will attend Fruit Attraction 2018 in Madrid

From October 23th to 25th, for the second consecutive year, Boix will attend the international event on fruits and vegetables, Fruit Attraction 2018, at the Feria de Madrid.

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Forming trays: Outsourcing or Doing It Yourself?

To take a final, well informed decision about purchasing trays from third parties or doing it yourself with your own tray forming machine?

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