Boix MCT1/V punnet machine in action (Video)

Cardboard punnets and small trays are an ideal sustainable packaging solution for fruit, vegetables, prepacked bread, confectionary, snacks, potato products and meat products. Have a look at our MCT1/V packaging solution in action! 

The MCT1/V punnet machine is an automatic and adjustable 2-headed tray former, which can set up 2 different sizes of trays simultaneously. 

MCT1V punnet machine with tunnelsThe compact packaging machine is mechanically driven by 1 motor that drives 2 adjustable heads with the aid of connecting rods. This allows the mahine to simultaneously set up 2 different sizes of trays and punnets of corrugated board and solid board with a capacity up to 1.800 to 3.500 trays per hour (per head). No qualified technician is required for changing formats.

The machine is an entry-level model from the assortment of Boix Europe tray formers. The delivery time is approximately 30 to 60 days. The small cardboard trays and punnets that can be set up with tray former are especially suitable for packaging vegetables, fruit, prepacked bread, snacks, potato products and meat products. The machine can erect smaller trays than the MCT1/VE, that is min. 50 mm by 50 mm and max. 285 mm by 200 mm.

Further information?
Would you like more information about folding and gluing cardboard trays and punnets or do you already have a specific project in mind? We would like to talk to you personally to understand your wishes and requirements. This gives us the opportunity to develop solutions that fit your business. 

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Posted by Ramona Fredriks | Boix Europe on 29-Oct-2018 16:41:30

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