Record year for packaging machinery manufacturer

Production of food processing and packaging machinery grew by 8 percent in 2018. This meant not only a record level, but also the highest growth rate in the current decade.

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Consumer Packaged Goods spending on packaging on the rise

Seventy-five percent of Consumer Packaged Goods brand owners say they’re going to spend significantly more on packaging over the next year, with a third saying they will increase spending by more than 10%. Drivers of this investment in packaging include the rise in premium products, customization, and consumers’ focus on health and environmentally-friendly products, among others.

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Download the new Boix Q-1530 brochure!

The Boix Q-1530 tray forming machine is the upgrade of the popular Boix Q-1500 and equipped with the latest features, such as a standard higher production capacity, a 7 inch touch screen, a side-mounted glue tank for optimal access during maintenance and a number of new program settings. Optionally, the machine can be equipped with Boix Connect for remote access, machine management and data registration.

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Boix is testing automatic forming and gluing of leak-proof cardboard punnets equipped with soaker pads

The transition to a circular economy, including the new EU Plastics Strategy, requires a new perspective on packaging. For that reason, a customer asked Boix Europe to contribute ideas to the (re)design of a plastic-saving and recyclable packaging for fresh food. Boix Europe saw this as a challenge and set to work together with two Mechanical Engineering students. The result: a modified Boix MCT-1/V tray forming machine for automatically forming and gluing leak-proof cardboard punnets, equipped with absorbent soaker pads for fresh meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables.


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Emsland Frischgeflügel GmbH: 100 million formed trays!

Wow, a whopping 100 million formed trays on the counter of a Boix FP-4/EC tray forming machine at Emsland Frischgeflügel GmbH! More than 16 years of loyal service in a 24/6 shift system and still going strong.

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Stackable cardboard packaging for fragile and delicate bakery products

Industrial bakeries have a great need for cardboard boxes that offer optimum protection to biscuits, pastries, snacks and confectionery. A specific tray that is widely used throughout bakeries in Eastern Europe, is the so-called 'television tray'. A corrugated tray with a folded top edge on both short sides and both long sides of the tray.

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Crowded Boix demo afternoon about cardboard punnet packaging solution

Due to the increasing demand for alternatives to plastic packaging, on April 18, 2019, Boix organized a demo about the Boix MCT-1/VE punnet packaging solution. The demo took place in the Boix showroom in Eerbeek (The Netherlands). Here, interested people could get acquainted with the punnet forming machine, view various examples of sustainable packaging and exchange experiences with each other.

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Boix Q-1800 packaging solution with narrow carton trays for freshly grown herbs

A fast growing European herb specialist asked Boix to create a packaging solution that offers optimal protection for their freshly grown herbs. In order to achieve this, we worked together with the cardboard supplier and the customer in the development, the design and the production of a narrow, stackable plaform tray made of corrugated board with an inner size of only 88 mm. The successful Boix factory acceptance test recently took place.

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